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Hula Halau KA’EEPA

In Hawaiian, Hula Halau KA’EEPA means dance (hula), school (halau), and the edge of a new beginning (Ka’eepa). Our National touring production company has many branches  located thoughout the main land and Hawaii Kona HI. We have Hula franchise partners in the following cities: San Francisco-CA ,Long Beach-CA, Portland-OR, Austin-TX,  Houston TX,  Dallas TX,  Philadelphia-PA, New Orleans-LA,Orlando-FL, Chicago-Ill, New york city and now San Antonio, Texas!  Tropical events and entertainment

The Keito Academy of Ethno-Cultural Performing Arts (Hula Halau KA’EEPA), the non-profit educational division, and Tropical Productions Entertainment Company, the entertainment division, bring the true flavor of multiculturalism to the community with our products and by teaching Hawaiian and Polynesian cultural dance to Kids and Adults.

The Keito Academy of Ethno-Cultural Performing Arts (KA’EEPA) teaches and lectures on a number of dance styles such as Polynesian dance, Afro-Caribbean, Country and Western, and salsa and is a 501(c)(3) organization. (KA’EEPA) is available for educational events and seminars for audiences of all ages.


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